So im looking at ways to packaging my little USB man for my project. Since coming up with my idea i know I wanted something that didnt allow you to see what was inside the box. I’ve looked at a few examples & i like the idea of pulling off a lid to reveal something, think I need to keep looking until I find the perfect one hmmmm xx









Packaging Vodka

I love Absolut Vodka as a brand they push themselves to create outstanding bottle designs. This time they have decided to let the computers come up with the designs, no 2 bottles will ever be the same. Love it!


Poster series that will be made into origami boxes to hide what is packaged inside.

Susan Maushart

Video that has helped with the good old dissertation. Susan cut all electronic devices from her family for 6 months with some interesting outcomes

AS you all know I love book design & came across these. Wish I was able to carve these detailed would have so many ideas.

Initial Ideas


Few layouts for my final outcome, think of using different colours for different subjects. Need to pick one hmmmm…

Our Adventure Book

So christmas is round the corner & I was looking online to see what presents I could get for the younger cousins. I found the movie ‘Up’ on dvd, which my little cousin thinks is my Grandad which is why he isn’t around, & remembered there is a book that is made in the film called ‘Our Adventure Book’. I had alook online & found this. What better present than to make a handmade book linked to the film ‘Up”.  Im gonna stick photo’s in the first half from when they were born to now then let them fill the rest of the book. Im so excited to start the project & have two to make, cant wait to see their faces….